SLU Dance Troupe

The Resident Dance Company of Saint Louis University

The SLU Dance Troupe is the resident dance company of Saint Louis University Center for Culture and the Arts that was established in 1993.

 The SLU Dance Troupe is responsible for the annual Dance Festival held during the SLU Foundation Anniversary and has been greatly involved in other school activities related to arts and culture. The group was featured in various musical productions and was also able to produce showcase, folkdance concert and contemporary show annually.

                Aside from their performances within Baguio City, the group was also invited to perform in several places in the Philippines and also astound the international audience with their remarkable tour in California U.S.A, Guangzhou, China, Belgium, Buriram, Thailand and recently in Jinju South Korea.

The SLU Dance Troupe has also bagged major awards in several competitions like Sayaw Pinoy and International Dance Exchange and also a grand slam winner bagging the Hall of Fame in Panagbenga Street Dancing. Needless to say, all the performances of the group have reaped astounding feedbacks from the mob, truly a testimony of the exemplary capabilities of both its trainer and members.

It is the Group's aim to promote and further the discipline of dance to more profound heights by using dance as a tool for expression, awareness and mostly for transformation of the youth, the people and the community. As long as there is music, movement, breath and life, the SLU Dance Troupe will continue to master and develop the craft of imitating the beauty and magnificence of life in the pursuit of excellence.

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